Phonology Inspiration

Universal love - that magnet which renders existence eternal, attracts realities and infuses life with infinite joy. Phonology is the study of systematic organization of sounds and how they are used in languages. This collection features “The sound of love” print, which has been fashioned from sound-waves of the words “I LOVE YOU” recorded in 25 languages. 10 of these languages are collected from the major tribes of Kenya; the remaining 15 are recorded in languages of places I have visited around the world, from Thai and Mauritian Creole to French and Spanish. The sound of love connects us all- as humans, we should all aspire to permeate our lives with more compassion and love.

The second print- the newspaper hummingbird print with the "Free As A Human" slogan- draws inspiration from a childhood riddle, "what’s black and white and red all over?" In this case, the answer is newspaper! This is a statement to illustrate how the exploitation of human beings and modern slavery IS still happening even when we claim to have evolved from this primitive practice. Free As A Human is an anti-human trafficking initiative I founded, rallying-fashion to combat modern slavery and advocate for sustainable practices within the manufacturing supply chain and play my part as a designer to end the use of child and forced labor. Free As A Human donates profits of sale from items to support Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) Kenya, an NGO that works with young female victims of human trafficking to end this massive problem. The hummingbird used in this print symbolizes love, enjoyment of life and lightness of being. The delicate hummingbird invites us to enjoy life's sweetness, lift oneself out of negativity whenever it creeps in, and express love more wholly in our quotidian endeavors. By making more room for love and lightness into our lives, we CAN work collectively to end modern slavery. Love manifests itself in different areas in our lives, be it at a wedding or when a mother first meets her newborn. The Phonology Collection is a manifestation of love in the various spaces of our lives, from romance to a smile shared by two strangers.