Free As A Human

Free As A Human opens up a pressing dialogue that is long overdue. It is a rally to end the sexual exploitation of young girls; the use of child labor and the enslavement of humankind, backed by notables such as Gloria Steinem.

The fashion initiative was founded in January 2018 by fashion designer and social activist Anyango Mpinga, to combat human trafficking and raise awareness against the social and economic injustices that occur within the fashion industry. Anyango’s contemporary slow fashion brand is renowned for advocating sustainable manufacturing practices, with a transparent supply chain, which ensures workers are paid fairly and are employed under safe working conditions.

Trafficking in the manufacturing supply chain - the issue of the use of forced labor in the fashion industry has been a discussion over the years. Many brands cannot ascertain that their supply chain is free of forced labor and there is a necessity for more players in the fashion industry to demand transparency and adopt a more sustainable approach in their process of creating their wearable art.